growing up smith 2

If you’re a fan of heart-warming comedies then Growing Up Smith is one to watch!

When an Indian family moves all the way to America to chase the American Dream, their 10 year-old son, Smith, becomes smitten with the girl next door, creating his own American Dream! Check out the trailer for this sweet, funny independent movie here:

The film follows the Bhatnagar family as they try to embrace all things American whilst gripping hold of their Indian traditions.

The movie stars Jason Lee, the professional skateboarder/actor best known for his role as Earl Hickey in My Name is Earl, as well as acting veteran Anjul Nigam. Roni Akurati stars as the lead character Smith, with Brighton Sharbino playing Smith’s love interest Amy Brunner.

With six film festival awards under its belt and the positive critic reviews rising and an 86% on ‘Rotten Tomatoes’ it is definitely an independent film to keep an eye on! You could even check it out in the new BH2 Complex which has just opened!

If you want a heartfelt laugh and a throw back to 1979, this movie is for you.