Gig Review: The Amazons at The Joiners, Southampton


Nerve’s George McMillan reviews the hit indie band’s recent performance at The Joiners in Southampton, on the first leg of their UK tour.

The Amazons have been making lots of noise on the BBC Introducing circuit this past year, if you were at a festival in the summer then it is very likely they were on the bill, the band even played at Bournemouth University’s 2016 Summerball!

A relatively new band in the music scene ‘Cupids’ opened up the night and played a short but sweet set, although enough to get the crowds head bopping they did little to make a lasting impression. Cupids had a similar sound to the likes of Kasabian, Trampolene and Babyshambles. Although the band didn’t quite carry enough mojo to excite the crowd they seemed to be loving every moment on stage.

The Amazons opened up with their hit song ‘Stay with Me’. frontman Matt Thomson jumped on stage with his long ginger locks covering his face for the majority of the song, leaving the hot and sweaty sixteen year olds moshing at the front of the venue with very few selfie opportunities.

Matt Thomson showing the downside of rocking out with long hair @georgepmcillan

After finishing the first song Thomson although initially seeming confident, now fidgeted with his hair a lot and mumbled something inaudible into the microphone before launching into the next track ‘Ultraviolet’, it was like we were seeing two sides to the singer; one a timid 20-something year old playing his first gig in front of his friends and the other a confident frontman with a personality and showmanship comparable to that of arena filling bands.

Despite all this, as the night progressed there was no confusion about the future of this band and it felt as though we were part of the start of something. Their infectious old school style of simple bar chords and repetitive lead guitar melodies were no accident. A carefully crafted concoction that resulted in the perfect recipe for a 21st century rock band ready to break into the scene and take it by storm, all guns blazing! Songs like ‘In My Mind’ and ‘Black Magic’ were the clear fan favourites, with the room screaming back every part of the song; lyrics, guitar riffs, drum parts you name it- they were screaming it and louder than the amplifiers could compete…

The band played through the rest of their set with little conversation in-between except for at one point joking about turning the heating in the venue up, a remark which was met by a mixture of chuckles and remarks like “fuck off” from the crowd who had spent the past 45 minutes unwillingly exchanging sweat onto each other.

The gig ended with an adrenaline filled Thomson stating ‘I’ve gotta somehow get to that door back there so can I just um… yeah’ before diving headfirst into the crowd and effortlessly cruising his way to the back of the venue, fans desperately reaching out their hands to get a hold of the sweat coated frontman who over the course of the past hour had managed to gain a God-like status within the 200 capacity venue.