Is Pokémon Go making a comeback?


The popular Pokémon franchise designed by GameFreak made history last year when its augmented reality, mobile game became one of the most downloaded apps of 2016.

For those of you who don’t know what Pokémon Go is (shame on you), it is a location based, augmented reality game created by Niantic that allows you to catch all of your favourite Pokémon in the real world.

Summer 2016 was dominated by the game and we couldn’t go anywhere without seeing groups of people, young and old, walking around with their heads buried in their phones trying to catch Pokémon.

However, after a hugely successful few months, the game dropped off the public’s radar and the number of players dropped significantly.

All was not lost! The game released its second generation of pocket monsters in February this year which attracted a lot of players back to the game.

Pokemon Go has tried to entice players back with themed events such as the water and grass Pokémon event. During this event Pokemon of this type  appeared more frequently than usual.

This year, Pokémon Go may be making a huge comeback. A series of updates that enhance the gaming experience are on the way and also the possibility release of legendary Pokémon which, so far, have been unavailable for trainers to catch since the games release.

A gym rework has been uncovered by data-miners that brings a whole new dynamic to the game. Gyms in Pokémon Go are real word locations that teams battle to control.

The current system allows you to leave one of your Pokémon posted up in the gym to defend it for your team, but really that is all it entails. You battle other teams gyms, earn a few coins and then lose your gym back to the team that you took it from.

Niantic’s main objective this year is to increase co-operative gameplay. We believe this is to encourage players to get back on the game and out meeting new people, this was the best part of the game.

From what the data mining genius’ have discovered in the games code, ‘raids’ may be coming, which the Pokémon Go community thinks will involve trainers teaming up to take down gyms or possibly a new type of Pokémon encounter.

Either way, the fans are expecting a lot more to come during the summer months, so that they can get out and play in the sunshine! Hopefully…