Game of Thrones – Season 6 Catch Up



It’s been almost a year since Game of Thrones season 5’s dramatic conclusion left many fans heart broken, confused and wanting more. But tonight the wait is over! HBO’s epic fantasy series makes its return to Sky Atlantic in the UK and for those fans who haven’t binged seasons 1 to 5 in anticipation, Nerve Online has put together 5 of the most memorable moments from last season to catch you up.

  1. Jon Snow is dead!

Yes it’s true! Everyone’s favourite bastard was killed off in perhaps the saddest moment since The Red Wedding, creating an internet outcry of discussions and debates over whether the character has met the ‘One god.’ And it’s safe to say fans did not disappoint with extensive YouTube analysis and extreme coasteering around season 6 filming locations, hoping to get a glimpse of Kit Harrington on set. Whether you believe it or not however, we are as unknowing as the ex-Lord commander of the Night’s Watch and will have to wait until tonight’s episode to get some answers. Do not give up all hope as nothing is ever as it seems in Westeros, and with Sir Davos and Melisandre so close to Snow’s corpse this storyline seems far from over.


2) Cersei is about to lose her sh*t

So fans were left feeling truly awkward at the end of last season when Cersei Lannister got her comeuppance and had to complete a naked walk of shame around Kings Landing. This mostly consisted of Lena Headey getting an Anne Hathaway style trim and having to walk through excrement whilst being verbally abused. What was so strange about this scene was that fans were left feeling sorry for the Queen. It’s no mystery that Cersei Lannister is one of the shows most hated characters, however it was very unsettling to watch her suffer. Once again the show runners Dave and Dan mentally screwed with our heads like the time they managed to convince millions of people to cheer for the murder of a child (sorry Joffrey). However, don’t become too sympathetic, if you’ve seen the latest season 6 trailers, you’ll know that she chooses “violence!” Good luck Westeros.

cersei shame

3) Sansa’s on the run

Sansa Stark’s storyline received a lot of criticism from fans last season when she was brutally raped at the hands of the Psycho husband from hell, Ramsay Bolton. It seemed like her situation was spiralling lower and lower with no redemption in sight, it was particularly sickening as she was beginning to play the Game of Thrones under supervision of Littlefinger before her arranged marriage. Despite her awful abuse she however found an ally in everyone’s favourite Greyjoy (or should we say Reek) and the two managed to escape the castle during Ramsay’s absence from Winterfell. It will be really interesting to see if Sansa and Reek bump into any Stark loyalists on the run because she has a lot of revenge to plot…


4) Ours is the fury… or at least it was…

If you were a Baratheon loyalist and thought that those angry, serious, stern-faced generals had the right idea then you’ll be particularly sad to find out that they’re all gone! The Baratheon line ended with the execution of Stannis after the battle of Winterfell. It seemed Stannis was so obsessed with becoming King that he thought it was a good idea to Burn his beloved daughter at the stake…Yes, that’s correct, he burned his daughter, the sweet little one who was halfway through teaching Davos to read! Who is going to teach the poor guy now… Brienne of Tarth was the one who delivered the final blow to the wannabe King, choosing to honour her vow to avenge Renly Baratheon rather than to keep watch in case of Sansa’s escape. We can only hope that the fierce female knight catches up with her…


  1. Arya is blind as a bat

Arya’s storyline was dangerously slow last season and for most of it everyone had very little idea what was actually happening… Arya wasn’t allowed into the house of black and white, then she was allowed into the house… She wasn’t allowed to assassinate people and had to sweep the floor then she was allowed to go out on assignment… It was very confusing, and there was no real goal or conclusion in sight. We did however learn a bit more about the Many Faced God and how its servants change their faces when Arya went rogue under a guise and stabbed Paedophile Meryn Trant to death. This action resulted in Arya losing her ability to see as punishment for defying her task to become “No one.” Anyone’s guess is as good as mine regarding where this storyline will go considering that the show runners have been given permission from George.R.R.Martin himself to venture far from the books.


Season 6 premieres in the UK tonight at 9pm on Sky Atlantic