HOT NEW MOVIE ALERT: Beauty and the Beast

beauty and the beast

This is the movie we’ve ALL been waiting for… Beauty and the Beast is finally here! With Emma Watson featuring in this Live Action remake of the classic Disney movie – and I/we could not be more thrilled!

If you don’t know the story… (I’m sorry did you grow up on a boat in the middle of the ocean?!) – the classic Disney fairytale follows a local village girl who falls in love with a monstrous prince. Disney is taking this ‘live adaptation’ seriously, with exceptional costumes and shots perfectly adapted from the classic animated movie, so if you’re fans of the original film or even the story prepare to get excited! Check out the comparison…

Uncanny right?!

With Emma Watson leading this all star cast, Disney is “bringing to life the musical both for kids and life-long adult fans” (Sandie Angulo Chen from Common Sense Media). Also Emma Thompson and Ewan McGregor star in this new fairytale.

However, with self proclaimed feminist- Emma Watson, at the helm of the ship, there has been some negativity from the press ‘the celebrity feminist now wants to play the pretty princess’. BUT she has handled it wish grace and dignity, Cath Clarke from Time Out wrote: “Three cheers for director Bill Condon and star Emma Watson for having the courage to make a live-action adaptation with 2017 gender politics.”

I personally cannot wait for this movie to come out! as I’m sure any girl who saw this a kid will agree, it’ll be worth checking out!

Beauty and the Beast is released 17th March 2017.