‘Fifty Shades Darker’ 50 Percent Lighter?!

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This is a very unique piece for everyone. It’s not enough that I am releasing it on Valentine’s day for those of you still looking for a last-minute salvation with a naughty twist, but you will also get four perspectives in one article. Oliver Szilveszter reviews…

If you haven’t guessed yet, I am going to talk about ‘Fifty Shades Darker’ and particularly the main cast. Now about the four perspectives, my lady partner has read the books and came along whereas I am more of a watch no read kind of guy.

The first part of the movie is a flashback to Grey’s (Jamie Dorman) memory. It should be giving an idea why Grey who he is but as a non-reader I did not get that info until the lady spoiled some details. If you expected big drama, great love scenes and a charming controlling protagonist, find another movie. Both of us agreed. Christian lost his charm. He gained weight, and his portray as the very white skinned dominator just disappeared. The stubby beard and big body without the look that made the girls shiver just disappeared.

There is, however, one scene for the ladies who enjoy a good piece of down south after about 30 minutes into the movie. For the guys, there is plenty of material that would make the Instagram admins go crazy with censoring and banning.

Romance wise, the whole movie is a cliché. From flower banquet to arguments, the movie is fairly predictable. However, it makes it fairly digestible and easy to plan some fun stuff together if you are a couple. If not, 2017 is the year of dreams. The penetrative truth is; the movie is less aggressive in the romantic scenes with lighter S&M elements nothing crazy you couldn’t try with the one who dragged you to the movie.

Credit to Facebook

Credit to Facebook

Okay, enough criticism lets see what I can give points for. The jokes are amazing, although rare like finding sober freshers on a Cameo night; they are well worth the wait. We found them very relatable and personal making the movie very comforting and warming, giving both of us those warm feelings you should be getting on this special day.

Another positive. There are a few twists that actually surprised me during the movie, then again I am easily scared. If you ever went to a horror movie in Bournemouth and there was that one guy who kept screaming, it was me. To avoid spoiling it, make sure you listen to the songs during sex scenes, look out for a huge slap and a loud banging noise (not the head rest of the bed).

The girlfriend said she was a bit disappointed with Christian and the lack of detail and emotion which was very vividly present in the book. As an example, the first 30 seconds of the movie is about three chapters in the book. If you are a non-reader, definitely go with someone who can fill the gaps (no pun intended). We were hoping we will get more flashbacks in the next volume coming out in 2018 ‘Fifty Shades Freed’. I have guessed the whole plot of the third movie with all the twists so doesn’t expect a puzzling drama.

Overall, I would give this movie a strong 4/10. The girlfriend gave 6/10. That is if you read the book. For those of you looking for a little bit of inspiration for the night, watch it. However, if you want something more romantic, guys suck it up, get yourself together and go to the one off screening of ‘Dirty Dancing’.

Together we gave 5/10