‘The Secrets of Your Food’s’ first episode whets the appetite


If there’s one thing all of us have a common interest in, it’s food, which is why it’s no bad thing that BBC’s well-produced latest, The Secrets of Your Food, aired its first episode on Friday.

The best way to describe The Secrets of Your Food would be to say that it’s like Planet Earth II, if you replaced the animals with food. It goes into similar detail with quality close-ups and masterful camerawork. You get the sense that the producers really do obsess over the appearance and structure of any of our foods from mushrooms and rice to eggs and bread.

In fact, the programme begins by extracting and examining the protein and fat found in breast milk – the first thing we consume in our lives. Minimalist overlays are used to help illustrate all the different components that help make up the food. It’s great stuff for biology nerds.

There’s plenty of variety too, as the first episode takes us from cultivating rice in the Philippines to explaining why infected corn thrives in Mexico. Each food has its own backstory; its own short documentary during which one of the two hosts – Michael Mosley and James Wong – expertly narrate their adventures.

Both hosts are learning on the job too, as Mosley struggles to make the famous San Francisco sour dough bread without getting flour all over his jeans, meanwhile Wong struggles with the language barrier whilst attempting to make yoghurt with a local in Bulgaria in an amusing scene that is hard not to smile at.

The humble team that have put The Secrets of Your Food together.

That’s not to mention the segment in which a Mexican wrestler comes under the spotlight to talk about the protein in his eggs, or when Mosley visits Scotland to educate us on the omega 3 found in clovers and consequently the cattle that we consume. The latter is beautifully shot, making the most of Scotland’s magnificent mountainous landscapes.

In short, this show is about more than just food. Whilst it does a good job of educating viewers on ‘the secrets’ of what we eat, best of all it pays exquisite attention and respect to the stories behind how those foods end up on our plates, and why we should appreciate them more for it. The next episode will focus on desserts, and why we love the tasty treats so much. It will air on BBC2 on Friday at 9PM.