Everything we learned from the Game of Thrones Season 7 teaser trailer

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After 9 months of patiently waiting, the official season 7 Game of Thrones (GOT) teaser trailer has been released, and every GOT fan on the planet couldn’t be more excited! It may only be 92 seconds long, but this is all the time HBO needs to keep fans of the show desperately waiting for the latest series.

(Warning: Article contains spoiler for previous seasons of Game of Thrones)

Now that the season 7 trailer has finally dropped, every second of it is crucial as it holds possible spoilers throughout, which now leaves the question; What do we learn from this trailer?

First of all, we see Jon Snow, Cersei Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen alone and walking towards their individual thrones in Westeros. Jon is the first to be seen when he moves to take his place at what looks like the head of the table at Castle Black. This makes us wonder if in the new season, The King of the North, Jon Snow, intends to take back his seat as Lord Commander of the Night’s Watch? Let’s hope so!! But considering in season 5 he was stabbed and killed for his controversial decisions as the Lord Commander, and in season 6 he was named King of the North, will he risk taking back his old title or just accept his new one? Only time will tell…

In the trailer Daenerys Targaryen appears to be in Westeros and is no longer on a boat! Instead the young queen appears to be at her ancestral home Dragonstone.

The last time we saw the Mother of Dragons she was with her fleet of ships on her way across the seas however, in this trailer she looks ready to fight for the Iron Throne, and it’s about time! GOT fans have been waiting since season 1 for Daenerys to cross the seas and take her rightful place on the throne, but how will the Lannisters react when she returns with Tyrion by her side.

Now for Cersei, in the last season she was crowned the new monarch of the Seven Kingdoms after her son Tommen committed suicide. In the trailer, Cersei is still seen wearing her crown and sitting upon the Iron Throne, confirming that she is in fact the new Queen. However, now that Daenerys is in Westeros with a legitimate claim to the throne, how long Cersei will be able to to retain her title for? Also, 65 seconds through the trailer ,Cersei exhales and her breath appears to be ice cold, then shortly after the eye of a White Walker is shown. You know what that means: Winter is coming!

The war of the White Walkers is finally here and there is no where in the Seven Kingdoms for anyone to hide. Does this mean all the Kingdoms will finally come together in an attempt to defeat the White Walkers? or will their pride and stubbornness be their downfall? Either way, the Walkers are coming and Jon Snow seems to be the only one to care.

The new series will premiere on HBO on the 16th July 2017.

Watch the teaser trailer below: