Coffee House Sessions: VICTORS and RVBY


Week 3 of the Coffee house sessions took place at Dylan’s on Tuesday as we welcomed two fantastic acts in the form off 4 piece synth rock outfit VICTORS and singer songwriter RVBY. Both acts hope to grab themselves some new fans and put on a great show for the students here at BU. Nerve was in attendance to take it all in and report back.


Up first was RVBY performing a collection of original songs accompanied by Jack on acoustic guitar. RVBY shows great maturity in her performance considering she is only 19, confident in her ability vocally and the songs that she has written. The quirky pop style really resonates well in today’s current pop market bearing similarities to the likes of Dua Lipa and co. Starting off with a slow song entitled ‘Electric Dreams’ that feels like it really pulls from personal experiences. Meaningful lyrics about chasing dreams and the urge to strive for more. The stripped back nature of the performance really enhances the emotion behind the lyrics. Hopefully motivating for the busy study period that the Dylan’s crowd are currently going through.

Moving onto livelier vibe ‘Honey B’ a song that sounds Jessie J esq with a catchy hook and guitar line. ‘Mwah’ really shows the vocal ability that RVBY possesses. Very strong clean vocals hitting all the high notes without fail with a rap section sprinkled in for good measure. Finishing off with her new single ‘L.O.V.E’ you can see the enjoyment in being able to perform the new song live. Accompanied with a very singable chorus it is ready made for big festival stages.

photo by Jake Carter

I had the opportunity to sit down with RVBY after the show to ask her a few questions on her career so far, how here first ever tour is going and plans for the future. When quizzed on how the tour was going RVBY said “I am knackered already and we’ve only done 3! I’m really looking forward to the home town show in Bristol tomorrow”. Delving into her writing process RVBY explained her progression from a country artist to the more pop centred sound that she has today saying “I used to country music so I used to write stories that I hadn’t experienced but when I turned pop this is all just me. I think that works best in pop”.

Outside of music RVBY revealed that she used to be a professional footballer explaining why she gave it up for a career in music “it just got to a level in football where it wasn’t enjoyable anymore”. On collaborations she said “It’d probably be Cyndi Lauper, I’d love to collab with her or even Sigrid”. The full interview will be available soon! Be sure to check out some of RVBY’s tracks below and follow all her socials to stay up to date with all things RVBY.

photo by Jake Carter



Secondly we have VICTORS hailing for Leeds the Yorkshire 4 piece sound blends together nicely filling Dylan’s walls with slick indie rock. The band has released a numbers of songs and music videos over the past few years off their own backs without assistance from a record label. An instant comparison would be to indie rock sensations the 1975, high chorus guitar tones mixed with synth and keyboards to create a relaxing vibe. There is a real sincerity in their performance style, well drilled filling the gaps between the notes well. Performing 3 original songs and 1 cover the band show off each member’s musical talent it really goes down well with crowd.

Nerve also had the opportunity to pick the band members brains on how they all met, favourite performances and more. On how the band met lead singer Harry explained “I was finishing school and me and my friend wanted to take it as a professional thing and make a life of it so we literally put ads online on Gumtree and stuff like that then Simon met up with us through that. From there we put more ads on and Dom got in touch through Facebook and it just gelled from there. It’s no romantic story but that’s it. You don’t necessarily know the people that want the same as you”. When asked about each of their influences Frank Ocean was a key citation from lead singer Harry along with Crowded House and Counting Crows. Other names included Michael Jackson, Huey Lewis, Bon Iver, Black Sabbath.

When asked about their music videos they said “It’s just more content for people to get involved with cause when you release a song yeah it’s a piece of music and people might love it but you can also then have a second release to create more or a hype. Our video for Two Hearts is banging it means people can see you”. Followed up by a question on the dream director for any future video releases the band replied “Stephan Spielberg! HAHA The XX have a really cool aesthetic LA California type thing”. On favourite performances Bass/Synth player Dom said “I’d say that it’s when we supported a bank called King No One at Brudenell Social club in Leeds. The crowd was massive the sound was amazing.” Lead singer Harry added “At Penn fest the crowed wasn’t huge but we were on the mainstage supporting Kasier Chiefs, it was the first time we’ve played on a stage that size, it was a real experience.”


A really good afternoon at Dylan’s showcasing two great upcoming acts be sure to check out the Coffee House Session next week to check out some of the nation’s best upcoming talent.