Coffee House Sessions – Marius Bear


Marius Bear stood on the Dylan’s stage with a guitar in one hand and a beer in the other ready to play at the weekly Coffee House Sessions. The Swiss singer is native from the Swiss mountains and jokingly laughed about how in Switzerland he wouldn’t be able to drink on stage so he seriously liked that he had a bar available in England!

The second Bear began to sing his power and charisma shone through. He had a husky and yet soulful voice which I couldn’t help but feel mesmerised by as he beautifully accompanied his singing by good guitar work. His music reminds me of the sort of songs which would score a romantic comedy and also mirrored the same kind of style as artists such as Mumford & Sons, George Ezra and Rag’n’Bone Man. His vibrato was so smooth and this really engaged the whole audience who were surrounding him.

Marius Bear is celebrating the release of his new EP Sanity which features his singles “Remember Me” and “Sanity”. Sanity is a song about Switzerland and a homage to his home country which he sang with great passion on the stage and it was rather heartwarming to watch. He held good banter between songs and liked to address the audience on a friendly level, making you almost feel like it could have been just you and him in the room.

The last song that Marius Bear sang was “Call It A Night” which was perfectly chosen to end his set. It was a song that he wrote when he was extremely drunk on a Friday night he said, and it is most relatable to many university students who like a drink.

Marius Bear has gone straight onto my playlist and he was honestly a really lovely guy to see. You can catch him in London over the next two weeks and you can find out more about his tour here:

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Instagram: @marius.bear