Coffee House Sessions – Josh Goddard and Cat Burns

ca burns

This week Dylan’s welcomed Mancunian, Josh Goddard and Londoner, Cat Burns in the penultimate Coffee House Session.

Josh Goddard

First up was Josh with his raw, gritty tone and unique guitar. The Manchester singer-songwriter was the perfect remedy after a hard day of studying (or attempt of…) with his soothing voice and effortless act. Josh has performed from a young age, whatever the chance, no matter the audience and this practice was clearly reflected in his ability to relax and entertain the audience.

His influencers included Ray Charles, Sam Cooke and Otis Redding so it’s no surprise Josh followed in their footsteps through this bluesy, soulful style. Josh has been working on his debut EP, so he showcased some originals including “Sunday Sun”, “Stumble” and “On My Mind” which had an authentic sound.

For me, Josh had a Matt Cardle look about him with his beard and smart-casual dress but his soulful voice resembled Paolo Nutini. He was a modest kind of guy, not one for a lot of talking but his voice did all the speaking. I particularly liked his cover of “Be My Baby” as it showcased his impressive range and husky tone. Josh finished with a nice touch as he left personalised coasters on the tables to remind us of his fresh, rugged music.  

Cat Burns

Following on was Cat Burns, an astounding young talent at the age of 18. Her youth if anything helped her stay calm and collected as she performed like a natural alongside her guitarist. Born and raised in Streatham, the South Londoner showcased her distinct pop sound and style which suited Dylan’s vibes.

Cat attended The Brit School in 2016 where she released her first EP “Adolescent”. Within the first 24 hours of release, “Adolescent” made it to 11th place in the iTunes singer-songwriter charts. It was also named ‘Track of the Week’ by Jamz Supernova on 1XTRA. Since then she has gained attention of leading music publications including Complex.

It’s no doubt that when listening to Cat I understood exactly where all this hype had come from. Her urban, folk twist on pop was melodic to listen to but it was her meaningful lyrics that hit a chord with the audience. Cat’s original songs aimed to empower a female audience as they highlighted current issues of relationships and identity. The debut single “Sober” featured the lines “You never call me when you’re sober” discussing the confusing relationship within modern technology. I can only assume these songs were from personal experience but many could relate to Cat’s words, specifically in an university environment. Cat was just brave enough to voice them. Other outstanding lyrical songs included “Fuck Boy” and you can probably guess what direction she went with that one…

Cat was quietly confident whilst showcasing her empowering songs. Her well written lyrics, use of language and topics spoke to a young audience and this is what made Cat original. She drew you in and made you listen to every word.

Cat Burns

These two acts were the perfect combination for the penultimate act. Make sure you come down to Dylan’s next Tuesday at 3pm to listen to Joshua Burnside in the last Coffee House Session. You don’t want to miss it!

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