Album Review: Don Broco – Technology

Don Broco Technology

Don Broco’s Third Album ‘Technology’ is an Evolution in Sound, with Charismatic 80’s Pop-Infected Rock Tracks, Heavy Riffs and a Pledge for Political Reform

While some bands halt at a second album and struggle to find a niche, Don Broco hook us in from the get-go…

Amid the glam and fame, Don Broco haven’t had the easiest year. Especially not for lead singer, Rob Damiani, who was accused of Sexual Assault earlier last year. In an interview with Kerrang, Damiani described his experience as both “upsetting” and a “massive shock”.

Don Broco show us what they are made of with their killer title-track “Technology”, which kicks off the album just the way it should do.

Their third album is a heavier, more complex sound, comprising of 16 unique tracks. It follows the release of 2015’s Top 10 album Automaticwhich set the path for a course of mainstream success. It also led them to sell-out Brixton Academy and play arenas across the UK, Europe and Japan. Oh and we almost forgot…they’ve shared stages with the likes of The Horizon, 5 Seconds Of Summer and even ONE OK ROCK.

“There is no better feeling than when people have only come to see your band and they know every lyric to every song.”

But before we dive into the album, you need to know a few things about Don Broco. For one, live performances are MADNESS. You can expect a few weird traditions too, but regardless, all key ingredients to a Don Broco set. Take for instance the ‘Push Up Squad’ or ‘The Walk’. A Don Broco gig will also guarantee a huge moshpit and a ‘Wall of Death’. The Bradford Rockers will ensure you’ll come out feeling like one of them.

“We were itching to get writing.”

Technology opens with the self-entitled track “Technology”, an illusive, electronic, infectious track. It is inspired by both their world tours and an era of fake news. It’s also riddled with pummelling guitar riffs and A LOT of sarcasm about selfies. From the first track, we can definitely make some conclusions. Its a futuristic album delving into the distant future of the music industry. It also has a number of underlying messages around changing perceptions. And if you haven’t seen it, YOU MUST! The Music Video really is something else!

Among the most heart-warming of tracks lays at the very centre of the album. “Tightrope” seems to be the living, breathing, soul of the album. Inspired by relationships, the lyrics tell a sadistic story about a distant family member who reconnected with a brother. It turns out he didn’t even know he existed. It’s not until you tune your ears in that you’ll notice the story. From initial glance, it might be easy to override the lyrics with thunderous guitars and eclectic vocals. It is definitely one of the most emotive of tracks on the album. But perhaps it is also a strong contender for the best.

Heavier rock and distorted guitars feature in “The Blues”, drawing on rock band, Royal Blood. It is a refreshing listen with Damiani once again showing off his lyrical diversity.

Among the more familiar, tracks such as “T-Shirt Song” and “Come Out to LA” speak about their experiences in the music industry.

The album even hinders on politics, with tracks such as “Porkies” and “Something to Drink”, focusing on the effects of Brexit. We think they might have voted OUT. Both songs again appear to be completely different from one another.

Technology is one of the band’s most exciting yet. It is an album that has definitely been carefully constructed. But while its been long in the waiting, there is a reason. Each and every lyric has a clear meaning behind it. Technology is more than just an upbeat, pop anthem and takes a different perspective on the world. It is really about telling stories through music and revolutionising the industry. For the ordinary listener, Technology is more than just head banging. It is an exciting and electric to the ear and is a MUST LISTEN. Thank you again Don Broco.

Watch our interview with Don Broco here:

Interview Credit: LMSUKmedia (Local Music Scene)

Don Broco 2018 UK Tour Dates

  • Friday 02 February – ULU Live, London

  • Tuesday 08 February – Portsmouth Pyramids Centre

  • Friday 09 February – 02 Academy Bristol

  • Saturday 10 February – Great Hall, Student’s Union, Cardiff University

  • Monday 12 February – Norwich U.E.A, Norwich

  • Tuesday 13 February – Rock City, Nottingham

  • Thursday 15 February – 02 Academy, Birmingham

  • Friday 16 February – Manchester Academy, Manchester

  • Saturday 17 February – 02 Academy Leeds, Leeds

  • Monday 19 February – Northumbria Institute, Newcastle

  • Tuesday 20 February – The Garage, Aberdeen

  • Wednesday 21 February – Barrowland, Glasgow