ALBUM REVIEW: The Aces – When My Heart Felt Volcanic


The Utah-born-and-bred quartet’s debut album delivers glittering, pop-coated anthems on love that’s so wrong it’s right and fake people.

The Aces are a band 11 years deep into playing. Consisting of vocalist Cristal, sister Alisa on drums, and their friends; bassist McKenna and guitarist Katie. You’d be surprised to hear that the average age of these 4 women is 21, yet they’ve been finding their sound for the past 11 years when they used to call themselves ‘The Blue Aces’.

Their EP ‘I Don’t Like Being Honest’, released last year, was just a snippet of the pop-rock anthems they’re capable of. The cohesiveness of this alternative-pop album is reflective of their length of time together and the bond that is shared between the four best friends.

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Album opener, Volcanic Love, chronicles a love that just won’t quit and still lingers in a mid-tempo yet still punchy banger. Just Like That and Last One focus on breakups, with JLT asking the ex-love to ‘Come get all your t-shirts/ Cause I don’t like the way I look in them”. Whilst Last One shows the girls declaring they’re fully over their ex to no longer write any more songs about them.

The standout tracks of the album, though, are Holiday and Bad Love, two songs that are a shoo-in to soundtrack your summer. The latter, a disco-inspired tune, shows the singer confused as to why everyone view her relationship negatively when she just cannot get enough of her lover. Whilst Holiday finds the subject of the song needing a getaway, and Cristal promising “I know just how to be your escape”.

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There’s not a dull moment or song within the album, with infectious beats and relatable lyrics sprinkled throughout the 13 tracks. This debut album solidifies The Aces’ place within pop music today. And they haven’t even played all of their cards yet.

When My Heart Felt Volcanic comes out April 6.