Bournemouth’s Forgotten Music Scene: Meet local indie pop band Honeymoons


Words by Hope Frost – Image by Rowen Allen Photo

On the 6th of April, Honeymoons dropped their first track ‘Los Angeles’, an alternative dream pop project that offers a taste of previous loves, memories and trips.

Consisting of three Dorset born boys, Honeymoons create tracks filled with anxious longings and romantic yearnings.

Honeymoons was a natural progression from the boys previous project Coos Bay, the band wanted to get to a purer space, creating a sound that felt truer to their identity. They told us that there is always the temptation to cover previous concepts and sounds when taking a new direction, and admitted they: “felt pressure to be a certain type of band”.

The boys hungered for a sound that provided a greater representation of who they are and what music they listen to; Honeymoons was it.

The band draws inspiration from a multitude of places, and walks of life. Although not exactly hardcore Bieber or Ariana Grande fans, Honeymoons band members George and Archie were quick to respond when asked what their favourite song of Grande’s is – replying in sync with the answer ‘Everyday’, a testament to the wavelength they share.

The band grew up in Bournemouth and have formed something new and present. The album art also sticks to the band’s locality with local artist and friend James Musker (@haxan.tapes on instagram) providing the band’s illustrations.

“The concepts for the tracks come from memories and feelings we have for certain places.”

This reaches further than the band’s roots with their new track ‘Los Angeles’, acting as a hazy ode to Archie and George’s time road tripping around America. George croons over past memories with past girlfriends singing ‘dreaming of Los Angeles with you.’

This track gives the audience a taste of what the band are creating, and they describe it as ‘sadly uplifting dream pop,’ and it offers a calm, somewhat melancholic vibe, paired with all the best bits of pop. The band’s  inspiration comes from Frank Ocean and Whitney, whose influence can be heard on this track, as George’s vocals offer a similarly heartfelt falsetto.

The creative process behind the band’s work may often begin with George but it is very much shared between the group, with lyrics based off various experiences, as he describes; “Lyrics can come from any of us, we have recently been through breakups and makeups and we’ve all had shit times.”

This band offers a new sound that is both honest and exciting, Honeymoons are adding an authenticity that is missing from indie-pop. The Bournemouth music scene is lucky to play host to this upcoming and promising new band.

Want to watch Honeymoons live? you can watch them perform in Bournemouth at the Cellar Bar on the 24th of April.

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